About Us

Founding Story

In 2023, Heroes Compass emerged from the shared vision of military veterans Rick Kuhn and his son, Tim Kuhn. Rick's legacy, marked by his company Veterans Pest Control, his 20 years of service in the ND Army National Guard, and his service as Fargo Post 762 Commander, lives on through the mission of Heroes Compass. Following Rick's passing, Tim's determination to honor their shared commitment led to the establishment of this non-profit dedicated to providing unwavering support to those who selflessly serve our community.

Heroes Compass is not just an organization; it's a community of caring individuals united in the common goal of making a positive impact. Our mental health and wellness programs, skill-building workshops, and community outreach efforts are all driven by the collective commitment of individuals like you who believe in bettering the lives of our heroes.

Every donation, volunteer hour, and expression of gratitude has contributed to the transformative impact we're making in the lives of our heroes, from military members to police officers, firefighters and EMTs as well.

We Are Heroes Compass Video

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You Are Not Alone

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